MyRA Information

The “My Retirement Account”, or MyRA, is a retirement investment savings account created by the Obama administration on January 29, 2014. Its framework is similar to other retirement accounts such as IRA’s and 401(k)’s but there are notable and significant differences. Those differences are part of what defines MyRA, and providing those details is what defines the website.

Learn the rules, regulations and other MyRA plan details in our information section, and read recent MyRA news on our news page. News and information is added and updated regularly, as it becomes available.

What is myRA?

In his January 28 State of the Union address, President Barack Obama announced the creation of myRA, a new investment account designed to encourage people to put aside money for retirement. But what is it, exactly? The announcement raised many questions and provided little information. Is myRA a retirement account? Who can participate? How do I open an account? What are the rules? Is it a good … [Read More...]